Keep your relationship right.
Get it right…again.

Sideways Relationships is a relationship coaching program for you to work through individually, as a couple, or in a small group.

10 Relationship Changing Courses

Expert insights on finding happiness and building a lasting love

All relationships face problems. Couples with good relationships learn how to manage their problems in healthy ways. The 10 courses in the Sideways Relationship coaching program can help you to keep your relationship right or get it right again.

The Big Picture

Get a bird’s-eye-view of what makes relationship go sideways. Discover the way to a love that lasts.

Overcome Your Hurts

Disappointments come to every relationship. Learn how to manage these well.

The Secret to Change

You remain powerless as long as you wait for your partner to change. Learn the best way forward.

Heal Your Heart

Don’t be a prisoner of pain. There’s a way back from pain to love again. Learn how to heal your heart.

Communication Keys

Learn how to express your hurts in a non-blaming way and how to defuse defensiveness.

Why Breakups Occur

People don’t just fall out of love. Learn why some couples make it and others don’t.

Stop the Madness

Dysfunction keeps relationships sideways. Break free from the Cycle of Dysfunction.

Reach a Breakthrough

To reach a breakthrough, use the tools to resolve conflict and seek character growth.

Learn to Forgive

People often misunderstand forgiveness. Learn what it is and how to do it well.

Love That Lasts

Creating a love that lasts comes from a commitment to personal growth and relational health.

Build a Happy Home…

Build a happy home from the inside out.

Learn the skills that you need to keep your relationship right or to turn a sideways relationship around. Learn how to create a love for a lifetime.

Free Trial

With your free trial, you get access to the first two courses in the Sideways Relationship coaching program. You’ll be able to immediately diagnose the health of your own relationship. And you’ll see the route to deeper initimacy.

Premium & Pro Subscriptions

With your Premium or Pro subscriptions, you get access to all 10 courses in the Sideways Relationship coaching program. Pro subscribers get exclusive access to content for leaders and coaches.
I like this resource. I’ve used it in counseling couples and leading small groups. The sessions are very practical. I would recommend this resource to anyone  who’s looking to improve a relationship or whose looking for a resource to counsel or coach couples.
Mark Dowding

Envoy, The Salvation Army

As a Christian counselor who has been working with couples for over four decades, I’m always on the lookout for resources that can help couples improve their relationships. Sideways is one resource that I would recommend.
Walter Linn, Ph.D.

Christian Counselor and Educator, Genesis Counseling Service

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