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The 10 courses in the Sideways Relationships coaching program takes you through the steps of building a love for a lifetime.

1 – The Big Picture

By completing this session, you’ll get a bird’s-eye-view of what makes for a sideways relationship, and you’ll discover the key factors that can help you to create healthier and happier relationships.

6 Sessions

2 – Why Breakups Occur

People don’t just fall out of love. Certain things happen in the gap between the beginning and the breakup. Learn why some couples make it and others don’t.

5 Sessions

3 – Overcome Your Hurts

Disappointments come to every relationship. Good relationships are built by learning how to manage disappointments well. Learn these important foundational strategies.

7 Sessions

4 – Stop the Madness

The Cycle of Dysfunction is what keeps your relationships sideways. You can change things in your relationsnhips for the good. Learn how to break free from the Cycle of Dysfunction.

6 Sessions

5 – The Secret to Change

The best way to stay stuck is to wait for your partner to change. That leaves you powerless. But you can reclaim your power once you decide to Solve for X. That’s the secret to change.

7 Sessions

6 – Reach a Breakthrough

Relationships not only go sideways because couples lack the tools to resolve conflict successfully but because they they need to grow in character. Character counts.

5 Sessions

7 – Heal Your Heart

People and relationships are defined either by love or pain. When pain becomes our experience there’s a way back to love. Learn how to heal your heart.

6 Sessions

8 – Learn to Forgive

Whenever pain comes to a relationship, there’s one and only one way forward—forgiveness. It’s the only good option. Learn what forgiveness is and how to do it well.

6 Sessions

9 – Communication Keys

Effective communication involves learning how to express your hurts and disappointments in a non-blaming way and learning how to defuse your partner’s defensiveness.

8 Sessions

10 – Love That Lasts

Intimacy doesn’t happen automatically. You have to work at it. Every factor that brings deeper intimacy can be learned and applied even in sideways relationships.

6 Sessions

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