We are Passionate About Helping You Grow a Love That Lasts.

Anyone can start a relationship. But it takes certain key skills to sustain a relationship, particularly through the tough times. With the Sideways Relationships coaching program, you’ll learn how to grow a healthy relationship and create a love that lasts.

Individual Online Learning

Accurately diagnose the health of your current relationship. Learn the secrets developing relational health.

It’s no mystery why relationships go sideways. All troubled relationships share certain common patterns. Learn how to recognize these. More importantly, learn what you can do to reclaim your power and move towards lasting health.

Practical Insights

Stop wasting time with pop psychology and abstract theory. Get real-life, practical help.

With the Sideways Relationships coaching program, you’ll learn practical skills that you can use in your relationship—how to get unstuck and break free of dysfunction, how to communicate to be understood and to understand, how to move past pain and forgive, and more. These pratical skills are essential to healthy relationships.

Growing a Love That Lasts

Having a healthy relationship is both a journey and a destination. 

The Sideways Relationship coaching program is like having a GPS for your relationship. And a GPS is a handy tool to have, especially if you’ve never been to a destination before or have gotten lost along the way. Find your way to a love that lasts.

Talk to a Real Person

Coaching Is In Our DNA

Sometimes you want something more than an online course. Sometimes you want a real person to talk to…to clarify your thoughts, to sort out your feelings. Find a professional who would be a good fit for you. Click the button to learn more. 

Find a Love That Lasts

Too many people lose hope prematurely. Don’t be one of them. You might turn things around by bringing health to your relationship. Find out how.

Free Trial

With your free trial, you get access to the first two courses in the Sideways Relationship coaching program. You'll be able to immediately diagnose the health of your own relationship. And you'll see the route to deeper initimacy.

Standard & Premium Subscriptions

With your Standard or Premium subscription, you get access to all 10 courses in the Sideways Relationship coaching program. Premium subscribers receive two relationship coaching sessions per month with professional life coach and course creator Kerry Decker.

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